Our History

Who we are

We are experts developing Experiential Learning activities for groups, and we do it through adventure. Our methods are unique, innovative and personalized according to the necessities of the families, businesses and organizations that come to us.

What’s out experience?

When we started in Latin America, 20 years ago, we worked applying these programs to corporate leaders and high performance teams. Among our clients we had big corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever Andina, EMC, Cisco Systems, Roche, Pfizer, British Petroleum, among others.

At the same time, through another of our brands, Camp Guaikinima, we have worked applying the concepts of Experiential Learning with kids and teens. Our successful development of summer camps in the the United States has allowed us to enhance our tools to generate positive life changes.

Raymond Cidad(link) was extremely successful in applying this technique of Experiential Learning with kids in foster homes who were victims of neglect and abuse. Likewise, this technique has been used in many educational institutions from Junior High to University.

What do we do and for whom?

Experiential Learning is the tool that allows an individual to gain knowledge that will be applicable to real situations that we face every day.

We gathered the best experiential programs to develop leadership, integration, communication, and teamwork with big and small businesses, families, groups of friends, students, associations and the general public. Experiential Learning is used by leaders, educators, students and coaches alike.

How do we see our service?

Our service is a reliable source for people who integrate different communities and groups, to develop the necessary tools to improve their quality of life, always enjoying the process.

Your experience with us will be marked by innovation and betterment of your abilities. It is an experience designed to be enjoyed outdoors and in direct contact with nature, anywhere you choose. We can work under the method that suits you the best like retreats, outdoor workshops, breakthrough meetings, kick-offs, motivational talks, road shows, summits, etc.

Our headquarters are in Florida, United States, which is why adventures here are our specialty. Always under our passionate and experienced guide.

Isabel Bello – Our founder who is a specialist in marketing, and launched S&A in the year 2001, in Venezuela. She identified a business opportunity training organizations through adventure and hosting corporate events. She later expanded to other countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. Isabel is an entrepreneur focused in the development of business opportunities in Latin American markets. She has extensive experience in marketing, consulting, product development, introducing products into new markets, brand image, and production of international corporate events.

Raymond Cidad – Our co-founder and director is the expert in Experiential Learning. Since 1995 he has been working with young people from 4 to 90 years of age. His love for nature, his personal development techniques, and his warm personality allow the process to go smoothly. Raymond received his training in Project Adventure USA, Advanced Leadership Skills Workshop. He is the Director of Personal Training, coordinator in the area of training for educational institutions (faculty, administration and psychologists), facilitator for corporate projects, and facilitator of programs for kids, teens and families. He also works training the facilitators for Camp Guaikinima and S&A.

Rodrigo Cidad – Co-facilitator of Experiential Learning with a degree in Recreation and Sports Management from FIU. He has more than 13 years of experience forming high performance teams. He is in charge of recruiting and training of the staff in Camp Guaikinima. Rodrigo is responsible for the design and execution of the seasonal programming. He is certified as a lifeguard from the American Red Cross and as a Paragliding Pilot level P3 from USHPA. Likewise, he is a certified instructor of archery, horse riding, paintball, aquatic ski and wakeboard. He has experience in photography, telecommunications, web programming and audiovisual promotion.