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Team Building

Team Building is one of the tools used the most by organizations trying to maintain their human capital united and motivated. It is a fun and creative way to take advantage of the individual strengths through teamwork.

It does not matter what type of organization --a big corporation or a startup, a professional association or just a group of neighbors--, if you work together our Team Building program is an effective way to maintain the eye on the prize and be able to reach your goal faster.

We aim to make a very special experience with your team. It can be indoors or outdoors. We tailor it to your needs and adapt it for any age or interest. You can choose between a dance choreography, themed parties, adventure races, circuits, and a great variety of other group activities that will make your team closer.

Teamwork is key. It maximizes trust, increases communication, helps solve problems, and dramatically improves the work environment.

Our activities quickly break the ice and make way to an enjoyable time with your team.

The Matrix 

Teams are organized and guided through the activities they have to do, with the objective of maximizing the points in the matrix. This Team Building activity encourages teamwork, integration and leadership.

Dance choreography

A competition of teams who must produce a musical show and prepare to present it on the stage. In this Team Building activity you will be working with a specialist who will provide help in the development and production of the show, attire, and decoration. The dance choreography encourages teamwork, integration and creativity.

Game Run: More than 5 fun games

Teams will be organized to enjoy a program of many fun games. Some of the activities are:

  • The orange: the teams must pass the orange to one another with their necks, without touching it with their hands or arms.
  • 2 lines and 1 handkerchief: two teams compete to catch a handkerchief in the middle of a field. One competitor from each team runs after the objective. The first one that takes the handkerchief and manages to come back to her team without being touched by the opposite team wins.
  • Throw the egg: in teams of two, one of the competitors stays in place and the other throws an egg while she moves farther away without breaking it.
  • All aboard: the teams have to enter sideways into a space of 3 feet.
  • Blind gunman: there will be 2 water guns and 2 blindfolded people in a circle on the floor made with a rope.
  • The 2 players must find the water guns and wet their opponents with the guidance of their team.

Adventure race

This is a competition where the team's objective is to complete all the assigned activities in the shortest time possible. Each team must first define the strengths and abilities of its members in the different responsibilities assigned for the race such as using the compass, rowing, tying knots, building a boat, driving a bicycle, building a tent, making a fire, swimming, etc. This activity encourages teamwork, time management, communication and leadership.

Food run

This is a competition where teams must make their favorite dish for the judges under a time limit. The teams will have the help of a chef and the necessary ingredients. This activity encourages teamwork, creativity and a lot of fun.

Make your Theme party: Asian, Pirates, Hawaiian

This is a competition where the teams must define the theme of their party and make the production and decoration of the party with the materials provided. The resources are limited so the teams must be very creative in making their decorations, they will often have to create something from scratch. The teams are going to have the help of a professional party planner and must set up the party under a time limit.


Adventure Programs


Have you dreamt it a thousand times? Do you want us to take care of everything?

A healthy life starts by exploring, living the adventure and sharing with the people closest to you.
If you have thought of taking advantage of all the beautiful aquatic scenery offered in the United States, like the ones in Florida, in Sites & Adventure we bring you the opportunity to break the routine and enjoy an exciting time with your friends and family, while we take care of all the logistics.
Our program is designed to be an outdoors group experience, an unforgettable time in the midst of nature. We have many exciting activities that will provide you with a fun learning experience. It will be more that a vacation, it will be life-changing.
You could be in a cabin or in a tent, kayaking, paddling, canoeing through springs of crystal clear water, hiking through green spaces under the shadow of enormous trees, or venturing on saltwater excursions. Always under our expert guide, we will help you overcome any obstacle, and let you have fun with your group.
In this adventure you are bound to find yourself, and come out feeling closer to with your group and with nature, in a moment of connection with life and disconnection with the day-to-day grind.
Our programs can last from one (1) to three (3) days, which allows you to decide whether or not you want to stay overnight. Fun is 100% guaranteed and one adventure will open the doors to many more.

What do we offer?

Camping: we plan a trip where you will have the opportunity to camp in front of the sea or in a forest. You’ll be in contact with nature, and learn some camping skills such as using a compass, tying knots and making a fire.

  • We provide all necessary equipment
  • A plan of 2 to 3 days
  • Food

For those who are not too keen of sleeping in a tent we also offer programs with lodging in a cabin. In this program there are many activities to enjoy nature like kayaking, excursions, bonfires, paddling and much more.

  • Plan for 2 to 3 days
  • Food

Kayak Adventure:a four hour kayak expeditions through the springs, sweetwater streams or on the sea. While you connect with nature you will also learn rowing skills, orientation with the compass and more.

  • Plan for 2 or 3 days
  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Qualified guides and equipment
  • Necessary training to complete the adventure safely

High ropes(rappel): experiential activity with high and low ropes guided by experts. You will have the opportunity to go through a ropes circuit in an exhilarating experience.

  • Plan for 2 days
  • Qualified guides and equipment
  •  Food
  • Lodging

Paintball: Paintball match with obstacles directed by experts.

  • Plan for 1 day without overnight lodging
  • Plan for 2 days with overnight lodging
  • Food
  • Paintball equipment
  • Lodging (2 days plan)


Corporate Adventure Training


We use Experiential Learning as the cornerstone for developing the human potential and making favorable changes in the attitude of individuals and groups, to achieve productive organizations and better communities. 

A leader knows that every once in a while the team needs to get out of the office and breath some fresh air. Have you asked yourself, what would happen to your team if you changed the scenery and gave them the option of recharging batteries and clear their minds?

In the midst of the daily grind it is difficult to imagine that enjoying a trip of saltwater kayak or camping in a key in Florida would take your team to the next level. 

In Sites & Adventure we use adventure and fun as a tool to improve leadership abilities, effective communication and team unity. You will not only achieve your company’s objectives, but you will also do it in the most effective way possible. We will show you incredible natural scenery, close to the sea, rivers and lakes. Ideal places for canoes and kayaks, with a ton of teamwork to reach your objective. 

We believe in hands-on learning, and that by involving yourself in a challenging experience with your team you will see meaningful change. You’ll see exactly where are your strengths and weaknesses as a team. 

Your team will depend on each other from beginning to end, and will have to trust in each other’s abilities. When the adventure ends you will be closer than ever. 

But the process doesn’t end there. The most important part of this experience is that you will have the opportunity to look back and analyze your actions. With the help of our experts you will scrutinize the role of every person throughout the journey and find ways to make your team work better.

Have you ever seen a elite sports team that doesn’t frequently go back to the drawing board to adjust their strategy? We will guide you through a reflexion exercise that will dig deep in the inner workings of your team, and we'll make sure you go back to the office with actionable insights to solve any obstacle that you may encounter in the future.

Experiential Learning in adventure programs:

Leadership in action

Focused on developing and strengthening skills and styles of leadership. This program reinforces communication skill, decision-making, conflict resolution and teamwork.

High performance teams

Focused on forming and strengthening teams, maximizing confidence, communication, leadership and teamwork. 

Integration and management of change

Focused on developing the skills and tools needed to effectively face risk and an effective transition in times of change. 

Integration and teamwork

Focused on developing the bases of each individual in their role within the team, working in areas such as problem-solving, decision-making, attitude towards challenges, confidence and communication.

Strategic alliances

Focused on the achievement of current goals, inserting a program of experiential learning in alliance with consulting companies. 

Customer service

Focused on strengthening aspects of learning in relation with the client. This program encourages respect, dynamic attention, honesty and confidence. All of these components are key for the satisfaction of the client.